Crème Brulee

She woke up. The sun gently touched her cheek. Couple minutes she was just starring in the window. The busy people run for their important matters. It was a simple day full of simple things.

She also had a lot of things to do. Firstly, clean and decorate her altar and broomstick. It was Ostara.

She went to her little garden, full of flowers. The spring came, and all of the plants woke up. She chose the perfect flowers for her soul. A little bit of blue bluets, some violet tulips, red poppies and white chamomiles. Yeah, that was the right composition.

Some of these flowers she put in the vase near candles, other she used to decorate her broomstick.

Then was the moment to choose the color for her hair this spring, what will it be? Maybe green, like the new grass, that appeared everywhere. Maybe yellow, like the sun. Maybe blue, like the clear sky. Or maybe violet, like the sky when the sun sits down. Yes, that`s it. She missed these splendid sunsets, which are different every night.

The birds started to sing. She could hear it even from the closed window. By the way, why are the windows still closed? She opened them and the fresh air, full of different smells, came into the room. She breathed the flavor of freshly baked buns. There was her favorite café on the first floor. The broomstick flashed fast in her hands and she flew down the stairs in a wink.

The café was already full of people. Someone ordered a cup of coffee to wake up. Someone cannot decide between fresh cinnamon rolls and pancakes. Someone enjoyed a favorite herbal tea cup with strawberry; the aroma was truly tasty.

She went to her fancied table on the terrace, where she could watch the world. She knew what she wanted to order. The tiny dessert with a cup of tea. She always took it in holiday mornings. She smiled at the waiter, who came with a little assistant.

In a magical world
With a magic café
There`s a tiny dragon
That makes crème brulee…

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