Dad, Son, Granddad

(Children`s story)

One day a successful adult son took his lonely white-haired father to his home. In his big, bright and beautiful apartment, the son lived with his wonderful long-legged wife and a small boy.

The wrinkly hands of the old man were trembling, his faded eyes were not seeing well. The whole family ate together, but grandparent`s hands were too weak, and he always spilled milk on the tablecloth, his food always fell to the floor.

The dazzling wife got dizzy when she saw that. So they decided to put a special small table in the corner. The old man started eating his meals lonely. Once, he broke a shining porcelain plate and was given a shabby wooden plate. The only words he heard at the table – just only critical remarks and mockery. In this luxury house, his heart was constantly bleeding from unseen wounds.

The small boy always watched all these things carefully. One evening his Dad noticed him playing with a wooden stump and asked what he was doing. The kid looked at Father and said,
“I will make a small wooden bowl for you and Mom from which you will eat when I grow up.”

The parents were shocked. They didn`t have any words to say, but their tears rolled down their cheeks. Although not a single word was spoken, both knew what needed to be done. That evening, Father went to his Granddad, took his hand and gently led him back to the family table.

All the remaining days he ate with his family. And for some reason, neither the husband nor the wife was worried anymore when the fork fell down, milk was spilled or the tablecloth got dirty.

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