Dan Brown’s “Origin”

(book review)

Recently “Origin” has been published by the cult American writer Dan Brown. It is the fifth book and the last one of the cycle about Robert Langdon.

Affiliation to cycle guarantees no less interesting and exciting adventures and well-known Brown’s style of writing indicates that these adventures were described easily, finely, amply, professionally, and fascinatingly.

The style of writing, composition, plotline apply to the whole cycle, so the author does not change anything in the concept of the new book. But unlike previous books, this one weaves such different things as religion and high technologies. But Dan Brown explain this combination “Science and religion are not competitors, they’re two different languages trying to tell the same story. There’s room in this world for both.” Actually novel is about this.

This story starts when Robert gets an invitation to the presentation of the largest scientific discovery made by his former student and good friend Edmond Kirsch, who is ready to give answers to the two most important questions: “Where did we go and where are we going.” Of course, it intrigues readers from the first mention. The novel starts very interestingly, as always, nothing portends trouble. But it won’t be Brown’s book unless the story begins with some high-profile murder. Right at the presentation, in front of the whole world, Edmond Kirsch was killed by one shot to the head. Everyone is confused, who could act that with such a great scientist, especially before making a discovery that will change the lives of millions, who could dare to kill him a front of million eyewitnesses? “To permit ignorance is to empower it.” That’s why Langdon’s mission is to find the killer and reveal to the world the truth about “who we are and where we are going.”

In general, the book is not bad, but not the best of Dan’s novels. The plot can be called a new one because, for the first time in the cycle, the decipherment is not related to religious currents and lodges, but high technology. The plot of “Origin” did not fascinate me so much as, for example, “The Davinci Code” one. I remember that I read it in one breath, each chapter did not let go and I just trembled with the desire to know what would happen next. “Origin” had a little bit another impression on me. If I depicted the impressions of each chapter in a chart, it would look like that: in beginning, the line rises up, then lowers a little, then there is a gap in the midpoint of the story, but then the line rises up. I mean that in the middle of the plot the ardent interest disappears and you continue reading just to find out how it is ending. But during the end part of the novel, the spark reappears, which holds to the last. I really like “Origin’s” completion, because in the final when all secrets are out you realize that all the assumptions were incorrect, all the time answers accompany you but you always follow the plotline that estranges you far from the truth.

I especially adore Dan Brown’s books for their completion. The author thinks through each of his books so well that after the final chapter you just think, “Wow! How incredible he played with my mind. ”

But I definitely recommend “Origin” to read, because it is really interesting, full of unbelievable events, shocking information, and plot flashes. And the final will definitely break all your guesses. So, will you figure out the answers to two eternal questions – it’s up to you! My rating is 9/10.

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