Dancing or Cheerleading!

(opinion article)

You have to want to cheer, to be a cheerleader!” “Weather a base or a flyer, cheerleaders never tire!”
(Cheerleading motivation quotes).

We all know about dancing and cheer pom-pom teams from American movies and TV series, but we don’t detect the difference between these two sport types.

Undoubtedly, dancing and cheerleading boast similar features – they both perform movements to music and rallies at sporting events. However, numerous differences in the style, form and technique of the two teams make it easy to identify them.

Cheerleading is considered a sport and consists of tricks, felting and stiff movements. Dancing obtains an expression of art, and therefore, in fact, there are no restrictions on what can be considered a ‘dance.’ There are many contrasting styles: hip-hop, jazz, lyric, modern and more, while the ordinary habits look remarkably similar. Dance styles possess many more changes in range of motion and can be soft, smooth and sharp at the same time.

The difference between cheerleading and dancing extends significantly beyond the fact that one team throws people in the air and the other does not.

Although both perform at sporting events, their tasks outside of school are completely various. Most members of the dance squad study outside of school, where, like cheerleaders, this is not the case.

The relationship between the members of a dancing group and a cheerleading team is similar to the connection between a square and a rectangle. Dancers can be in cheering teams, but cheerleaders cannot.

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