Dark Christmas is Getting Brighter

(Christmas story)

A dim street light shone through the dusty windows of the tavern, where the wanderers who got into this god-forsaken town stopped.

So that night, the circle warmed up by the fireplace alone, in the company of the tavern owner and the worker who had just been fired.

The owner told them why Christmas did not mean a holiday here, because a few years ago children who went to carols and adults who started searching them disappeared without a trace.

Among them there were many beloved husbands. So, in this town remained only the old women and widows with children who were afraid of such a fate and timidly looked at the icy mountain.

But this did not frighten the traveler and the worker, who went to the unfortunate mountain after having a good brunner.

On the way up, they met their grandfather, who was attacked by wolves. They helped him fight back and dragged him to the hut. Grandpa thanked them for everything, and added, “What you are looking for is in a cave on the very mountain. Today you will save more than one innocent life.” They looked around, but only they wanted to ask something, as grandfather and hut disappeared without a trace. They trusted the route and found the right cave.

They went to the huge throne room of the place, which resembled an ice palace, where in the center sat the gloomy and goddamn Santa Claus. He was the first to attack by the heroes, who rushed at him to fight. After the victory over him, it turned out that all this time he was ruled by an angel of death, and when the curse was destroyed, Santa Claus became good again. Then he struck his magic stick, the missing people began to emerge from the icy mirrors, and all together finally returned to the city.

Families were reunited, beloved hearts got together, happy carols were sung, it was the best Christmas of their lives.

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