‘Death on the Nile’ by Agatha Christie

Look, can you see the moon? Now it is visible so clearly, but as soon as the Sun looks out, the Moon will disappear in its rays.

Even brilliant detectives are entitled to vacation. So Hercule Poirot decides to go on vacation to warm and sunny Egypt. But work does not let go of its favorites so easily: there was a murder on the ship ‘Karnak’.

What is the motive for the murder? Jealousy, revenge, desire to get rich or hide financial fraud? All secrets will be revealed, because waters of the Nile hate secrets.

Agatha Christie is a great writer. Her books can be read and re-read at any age. She is a master of her craft. Every time I read her detective stories, I am amazed at how skillfully the characters are written: so alive, so multifaceted.

An excellent detective! I can’t say otherwise! I`ll give this novel 10\10

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