Death or… Death?

(opinion essay)

There are countless pieces of information going through us every day. Social networks, news sites, television are covering the events that happen every minute in our country and in the world. And each of us absorbs the whole stream, filtering into the brain, but what ultimately remains in our heads?

From yesterday`s news, we remembered that some husband brutally slashed his wife, today we discuss the gory war in the Middle East, and what to expect tomorrow? Probably, someone will commit suicide again, someone will rape an old granny living next door to him, and someone will arrange a ‘hilarious’ mass shooting spree! The cynical journalists` joke turned into a mainstream credo, “If it bleeds it leads…”

We are accustomed to absorbing the negativity, death, blood as something ordinary. Apparently, someone will say that the viewers are no longer interested in anything else. That they are pampered, want bread and circuses. And all is not enough for them! And in general, the world is very cruel … But do we not think so because we don`t see the positive side of our lives? But does it not seem to us so precisely because we do not see the positive side of our lives? It does not exist behind a bloody screen. Most people don`t know the names of current Nobelists, achievements in science and culture, are not interested in social success. The media is not used to broadcasting happiness and progress.

As for me, this continuous oppressive flow should be stopped. People live in fear, pessimism and the belief that “it used to be better”. The world falls into the abyss. And none of them knows that the lowest level of violence for all human existence is now in the world. This is a big problem that needs solving. The present-day journalists should get rid of the past stereotypes described so vividly by Hunter S.Thompson, “The press is the gang of cruel faggots. Journalism is not a profession or trade. It is…a false doorway to the backside of life…”

The media has more to talk about achievements, to motivate people to take action, but also to point out problems. Everything has to be balanced. When we change the system itself, people will also learn to perceive not only the negative. Therefore, dear journalists, let`s recharge our brains from “Death or… Death” into “Life or… Life” program. I guess all of you are online and offline savvy people.

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