Destiny’s Gift

Do you believe in destiny? With all of us, strange things happen sometimes. Some people call it punishment, some – a gift of fate. Nevertheless, what actually is destiny? The story is about how your parents met or how you met the girl of your life for the second time even if the first was in another country… And at this moment you understand what destiny actually is like… All people have their stories related to the theme of fate so let me tell you mine.

It all started not so long ago, this winter. One day I was scrolling through Instagram and I noticed the account of the Korean annual festival held in Ukraine this year. It posted that the famous Korean artists, including my favorite singer, would perform on the Kyiv stage. I attend this festival every year, but this year the price turned out to be very high – instead of the usual 150 UAH the entrance ticket cost 900 UAH.  So I was very upset when I realized that in 2020 the festival would be held without me.  And I was sure about that because there was no way I could be there. But in a few weeks, a new post appeared on the festival account – organizers were looking for people to join a team of volunteers.  I quickly filled out the profile…I have nothing to lose…I often volunteer at university events and started to wait…

A few days later, a letter came to my mail – and I was extremely happy because I saw myself on the list, so I would be a volunteer!  This meant that I would go to the festival for free and I would see my favorite artist on and behind the stage!

A month went by, tomorrow is a concert, and I received a letter – a list of which duties we have.  Imagine my face when I saw that I was the personal assistant of my favorite singer!  Even now, I can’t believe that it really happened to me.

This festival day still seems to be an absolute dream – I met my favorite artist at the airport, took him to the hotel, we went for a quick walk in Kyiv, I fed him in Puzata Hata and stood behind the scenes while he was performing.

This is a real New Year’s miracle. And it was destiny. As Angelina Jolie says, “I’m not somebody that thinks about destiny and fate, but I don’t walk away from it when something unfolds…”

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