Diesel Car Without Diesel Fuel!

(humorous story)

One of these days one of my beer buddies bewildered me a bit. For several days, he failed to buy diesel fuel for his Jeep engine, damning everything and everybody. Though I tried to calm him down saying something about war hardships and sacrifices, it was in vain… To fill his gas-tank, he surfed the net round-the-clock and called all his friends and folks, buddies and bunnies, bubbies and dedos, class-mates and beer-bros, living in the radius of 50km.

For a few days I did not see him but finally that day came when he drove up on his Jeep with a cheery Cheshire cat smile for his all half broken 27 teeth.

“Holy crap! At last you got diesel oil!” I came closer to his beat around tracker.

“No…I did not,” he kept on smiling.

“However this gas oil miracle happened,” I got puzzled.

“I found an alternative!” His eyes flashed with fun.

“You poured homemade moonshine in your gas tank, right?”

“No, that`s too pricey. My brother-in-law heard from his Godfather that his beer-buddy pulled up at the farmhouse built over there in the pine forest and the fella from there filled his diesel car gas tank with sunflower oil bought in our grocery shop… ”

“SUNFLOWER OIL?! I just can`t believe it!”

“At first I didn`t believe too. But this fella says that our sunflower oil has a lot of chemical ingredients and the diesel engine rolls as a butter ball. So I tried,” he snapped his fingers. “You see, here I am! The price of the sunflower oil liter is higher a bit. Almost $2 a liter…But I got agreed to take the used oil from a bakery almost for pennies…So you can big me up! Bye! ”

My buddy drove off slowly and I even didn`t find any words to say…Sunflower oil, whoever thought?

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