Do Not Panic!

(opinion article)

Coronavirus. This word is mentioned in all news headlines and seems to have filled the entire information space. And, of course, the whole world is under stress due to the virus and mass isolation. I want to share with you some tips on how to stay calm.

First of all, do not panic, think clearly and logically.

To teach yourself to stay calm when the situation is threatening, or the people around you are clearly in a panic, take into account six ways – they will help eliminate your fear and anxiety.

  1. Learn to recognize the signs of your own panic.

If you feel signs of panic, which may include a rapid heartbeat, redness of the skin on the face or body, chaos in your thoughts – you are in a state of panic. Watch your speech: if you raise your voice, shout, if you are not able to restrain yourself and unexpected (even for yourself) words come out of your mouth, you are in a panic.

  1. Take a few deep breaths.

Deep breathing will calm your body and burn adrenaline, which is released in a state of panic. Try to calm down, slow down, slowly count to ten, and then focus on thinking clearly and rationally, rather than reacting emotionally and chaotically.

  1. Accept responsibility.

If at the moment there is no immediate threat, if there is no need to make a decision immediately, tell yourself: “Stop!”. Ponder, describe (better on paper), put on the shelves all the components of the problem that depresses you – this will help you look at all circumstances more broadly, assess the problem from a height, go beyond your anxiety, and you will begin to think more clearly and you will be able to make rational and right decisions.

  1. Check the facts.

Is what you just heard so scary? Perhaps this is fake news? Is the source who sent you this unpleasant message reliable, is it not beneficial for someone to drive you into a state of panic, to sell you something, to lure you to your side, to get some benefit from your irrational state? Perhaps you react to someone else’s panic?

Try to get as many facts as possible about what scared you. Is there a real, immediate threat, or is it just wise to be careful?

  1. Consider ways to solve the problem, take specific measures to eliminate the cause of fear.

If this concerns your health, you may need to consult a specialist doctor.

  1. Focus on a positive result.

Think about all the possible results, changes, improvements that may result from your calm and rational actions.

Think about how your life experience will be enriched, and how much better your life and relationships will be without panic.

Stay home and stay calm! J

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