Dogs Also Want Warmth

October 29, 2020, Kyiv. It is not a problem for 600 million animals in the world not to have a home. It is not a problem for animals not to have owners. The problem of reducing the population of stray animals and their sterilization is not completely solved. After all, not all animals are sterilized.

In Ukraine, about 57% of dogs and cats live with people in love, and where other 43% of pets live, nobody knows. They also dream of warmth, hugs, and good food not found somewhere in the street garbage bins. The animals that are thrown away, after a while, will just hate humanity, they become wild.

I want to ask people why you harm animals? There are other options to get rid of the animal, give it to someone (there will still be those who are looking for a faithful pet), sell it (and get some benefit from it), and not just get rid of them. And if you’re the one who found the four-legged friend, just find him a family.

There are many options. And they are simply not guilty of anything. Dogs also want warmth.

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