Don`t chicken out before you are hurt…

My BBBright BBBalcony.

Those were the days when I had just started going home from school on my own… My parents always believed in me more than I did. That’s why on a cold winter day, and especially on a dark evening, I walked home at a steady but quick pace, closer to the lighters, far away from the garages. I was not afraid…I was just cautious.

I passed the children’s playground, reached the warm and happily clean porch. I quickly went up to the apartment, unlocked the doors, already smelling the familiar flavor of home and then I realized that someone was in the apartment…

The light on the balcony was on, everyone was at school or at work, so definitely there was nobody from my family at home. My hands were glistening, my feet got tired, I could feel only my own heart and the quiet noise from the balcony.

Then I realized that someone was starting to come out of the balcony. I dropped my briefcase, grabbed my bag for music school and ran out of the apartment, remembering to close the door quietly. No one picked up the phone. For a lesson that I was almost as afraid as a mugger I could not hesitate, so with important thoughts in my head I ran to the choir, not forgetting to call my parents. After the rehearsal, I just called my mother and told her that some villain got to us on the balcony, there was light and noise.

All my fears and guesses crossed my mother’s words, “Surely someone was there, we hired a worker, doing repairs on the balcony. So instead of getting a story about the robbery, I got spruced-up walls and floor on our balcony.

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