Don`t panic, it`s just pandemic!


People have to wash their hands, cook food at home and communicate with their children, if things go on this way, it may even come to reading books. What is it? Punishment? Warning? Natural selection?

To my personal mind, COVID-19 is the last opportunity for humanity to understand the real joy of ordinary things, the importance of being humane and tolerant, sensible and unpretentious. It is time to stop hanging up on financial superiority because in this situation everyone is equal before the threat. I am deeply convinced that the current generation should periodically experience some kind of psychological shake-up, otherwise we forget oneselves.

I really believe that nowadays almost all viruses are artificially created for some specific purpose, but this one is really out of control. No one knows what he will do tomorrow. The majority of people are intimidated by the daily specials, by rumors and assumptions. Another part of humanity that doesn’t take it seriously shoots stupid video in Tick-Tock and composes songs about coronavirus. But the most ‘unreasonable’ part of people (surely from my point of view) in this situation are believers. Those, who gather together in the amount of 7 thousand during the period of self-isolation in order to receive God’s clemency. It is symbolic that the epidemic happened precisely in 2020, the year of the Rats, the famous plague peddlers. Accidents are not accidental.

Сuriously enough that there are even unbelievers, who also thank God.

I mean taxi-drivers after subway closing and of course mask and antiseptic manufacturers. In any case, someone had to cash in on this pain.

To sum up, I want to say that it really sucks. It is extreme—but luckily, we don’t have pandemics of this violence every year. So sit it out. Stay put. Don’t travel. It is absolutely not worth it. It’s the civic and moral duty of every person, everywhere, to take part in the global effort to reduce this threat to humanity. To postpone any movement or travel that are not vitally essential, and to spread the disease as little as possible. Have your fun in June, July and August when this, hopefully, will be over. Stay safe. Good luck!

March 27, 2020

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