Don’t Play With Time

(book rewiev)
“Chasodiі” by Natalia Shcherba

A great fantasy cycle for teens. After the first book, I couldn’t stop reading, I couldn’t stop until I read all the books in the series. A fascinating plot, a lively and unusual plot, characters, each with a different character, many different creatures, and, of course, time magic, this is what attracts the world and its history in the book.It turns out there are two parallel worlds: Eflara, where Vasilina lives with all the advantages of technological progress, the ordinary world of people, and Ostala, where thriving time, which is taught in a temporary charm school, live fairies, unicorns, mermaids, and many other creatures. An ordinary teenage girl, Vasilina, suddenly learns that her real father, whom she has never seen before, is an influential magician of Eflara, a world created by special temporal magic. The father takes his daughter to him, and the girl finds herself in the heart of a dangerous game of the time.

The plot does not immediately become clear, throughout the cycle more and more secrets and twists are revealed, which explain certain events and make the plot even more exciting.

The characters are all non-standard, each endowed with its special character and together in the book, they all harmonize with each other. Of course, the book may have something similar to other books in the fantasy genre, but ‘Chasodii’ has its special style, which makes this cycle unique. He does not copy and does not try to be like the well-known cycle ‘Harry Potter,’ which is so fond of copying other authors of the fantasy genre.

Probably because of this, after a few years, since I read it, I reread this incredible cycle, because all these details make this books fascinating not only for teenagers but also for adults, and not just for one evening or once, but it pulls you to reread this masterpiece more and more times. Therefore, I recommend anyone who has not read, to buy this book and just enjoy reading. You definitely won’t regret it. My rating is 9.5/10.

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