Don’t Trust a Person With a Scar

(fantasy story)

The shape in a dirty cloak was sitting in the far corner of the tavern. Bored, he was twisting a dagger with his hand and looking out the window.

The fat man in a velvet cloak approached him.

Mr. Calvin, how nice to see you!” the fat man began.

Likewise, Baron Forres. Take a seat.”

Forres sat down opposite Calvin.

I have a very delicate order for you, Mr. Calvin. You see, my collection of eastern weapons is almost complete, and only one exhibit is missing. I mean the scimitar with ruby insets. And it so happened that only Baron Dynevor has one.”

And you suggest that I shouldl steal that for you?”

I like understanding persons! And this is to confirm the confidence in my intentions,” Forres pulled a pouch from his sleeve and handed it to Calvin.

How much for the completed order?” Calvin weighed the pouch and smiled.

Ten thousand golds.”

Not enough. I demand twenty.”

Forres was looking surprised.

What is the reason for this price?”

After the ship from Bone Land was sunk by pirates, rubies have become rare goods here. I’m sure the black market will pay a double or even triple price for your scimitar. Twenty is discounted… as for a friend,” Calvin smiled.

All right, all right! Twenty, so twenty,” Forres said nervously. “Then we’ll meet the day after tomorrow here at this time.”


Calvin and Forres shook hands. The baron turned and disappeared into the crowd of the tavern.

Soon a thin man in a woolen jacket approached the table.

Where is Baron Dynevor?” Calvin surprised.

Don’t call his name!” the man hissed. “He’s too busy for people like you. You’ll talk to me.”

That’s not the way things are done. We agreed to a personal meeting.”

The man tossed a pouch and sat down at the table.

Listen up what to do. There’s Baron Forres, who has the battle horn made of mountain mammoth bone. Obtain that for my master.”

Calvin weighed the bag and asked:

How much for the work done?”

Five thousand golds.”

Nah, small fish. I’m sure Forres will pay much more if I don’t steal his horn.”

The man frowned.

How much then?”

Twenty, no less. I give an honest word each coin will go to the development of my business and the relationship with your master.”

The man gritted his teeth and blushed.

Fine. But if I find out that you have any business with Forres, I’ll personally cut off your lying tongue.”

As you wish,” Calvin said calmly.

Then I’ll be waiting for you and your souvenir the day after tomorrow. See you here.”

The man got up from the table and left the tavern. Calvin shoved the dagger into a sheath and smiled contentedly.

The next night, Calvin sneaked into Dynevor’s estate and replaced the scimitar with ruby insets with a regular one; sneaked into Forres’ estate and replaced the horn made of mammoth bone with a horn made of ivory.

On the appointed day, Calvin appeared in the tavern with two rolls.

The Dynevor’s man came first.

Is it done?”

Yeah, on the highest level,” Calvin smiled, unfolding a roll with the horn.

Fine,” said the man, and placed a heavy bag on the table. “All twenty. Will we list?”

If you don’t mind.

Baron Forres approached the table.

Mr. Calvin, who is this with you? Don’t we have a personal meeting?” the baron worried.

Forres?!” the man jumped up. “I should’ve known!”

The man touched the hilt of his sword, but didn’t even pull it out. Someone from behind put a cold blade to the man’s throat.

It’s a trap!” Forres screamed and tried to run away, but was stopped by one of the rogues.

Well done, brothers!” Calvin laughed.

You’re a rotten scum!” the man hissed through gritted teeth. “One day I’ll tear your guts out!”

Well,” Forres began, “I thought we were friends.”

I feel sorry for you, gentlemen! But you should’ve realized a long time ago don’t trust any person with a scar,” Calvin smiled. “Guys, take away Forres’ gold, and then get rid of him and Dynevor’s man. Today we’ll have a really bright night!”

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