(satiric story)

This morning, well-known businessman Ronald Cooper received a letter:

Mr. Cooper,
I have a message for you. It’s about your family reputation. See you at the cafe on the corner of Tempton Street at 18:00. I beg you to come, sir.

Cooper got interested in the mysterious addressee. In the evening he finished his work and went to the cafe. At the entrance he saw a stranger reading the evening paper. As a real businessman, firstly, he looked over the incognito and saw a huge stain on the visitor’s suit. “Suspicious scruffy wants my money,” he thought.

“Good evening, sir,” the anonymous man stood up and held out his hand in greeting.

“I don’t shake my hand with a dowdy,” Cooper replied tartly.

“Hmm, so I won’t shake hands with the brother of the one who lost $5,000 to me in poker and beat me at the bar that night,” the stranger replied calmly, “Haven’t you forgotten your checkbook, sir? The dry cleaner closes at seven.”

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