Dream job: how to find and not lose. 5 tips for the day

  1. Don’t know if the job is right for you or not? Ask a simple question: If I had $10 million, would I still be in this business? If your answer is no, change the field.

  2. Looking for your dream job? Look for it quietly. You have to be a real scout in this business. Consider your options, monitor opinion leaders and successful companies. Don’t take any job in desperation. Always be aware of what will remain on your resume and how it will affect your future.

  3. The problem for job seekers is the mythmaking of companies. Companies paint beautiful images that are hard to verify. If you can, feel the ground beforehand, get to know the structure of the company, talk to employees, and ask an open question on social media. Can’t do it? Contact the company as a potential customer. The treatment of the customer usually mirrors the treatment of the employees.

  4. In the future, people will have to master several professions, change themselves and change their place of work. The most flexible will win. Simple mechanical professions will be a thing of the past. The future is in robotics, the agricultural sector, medicine, research into new forms of energy and new habitats.

  5. Many people today don’t have the skill to look for a job, so they get hysterical. You shouldn’t panic; looking for a job is just as much work. Start with self-analysis, understand what you want, choose your ideal industry, make a list of companies, talk to experts in the field, send HR-professionals a competent resume (no more than 1.5 pages), be sure to accompany it with a letter. Don’t be afraid to post on social media that you’re looking for work, encourage people to recommend you. There is no shame in looking for work!

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