Dreams are much more real than you think

Once in a blue moon I had a dream that I couldn’t forget even three years later. It was no different from any of my other dreams, and I couldn’t understand why I remembered every minute of it so vividly.

The scene is like this: dusk, I am walking down a street. There are beautiful tiles under my feet, and endless starry sky above my head, the sea to my right, palm trees to my left… The atmosphere is incredible, and the place is so familiar. It feels like I’ve been here before, even though I don’t recognize the place. I couldn’t believe it was possible.

It seemed to me that this fairy tale lasted forever. Nowhere else in my life had I experienced such soul peace. This was right where I belonged.

That day, three years later, my mother talked for the first time about going on vacation abroad. After listening to the reviews of our family acquaintances, we decided on a destination.

The trip to Turkey took us a day: we went from Rubizhne to Kyiv by train, then from the train station in the capital to the airport, after hours of waiting for our flight, and here we are at the airport in Dalaman. From this city, we had to take a bus to our hotel.

And here we are in front of Marmaris… It was evening and we decided to go out for a walk. I went out without much wish because I still couldn’t come to my senses. There are beautiful tiles under my feet and endless starry sky above my head, the sea to my right, palm trees to my left…

And then I had a strange feeling. It was as if the universe or my brain had decided to play a joke on me and distort reality. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was in my dream. But this is real. And the same peacefulness… That’s fantastic.

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