Dreams. Don’t believe when they say they don’t come true.

You carry within you all the dreams of the world. Maybe you don’t believe it, but the dreams we fight for often come true. Although they can happen in a different, unexpected way. This is because the whole world within us is full of endless possibilities.
And while these opportunities can sometimes fail you, if you don’t give up and fight with all your might, they will lead to your goal.Perhaps this seems too utopian to you. Perhaps you are one of those people who think that not all dreams can be realized, because in reality, not everything, is possible.

Well, without losing touch with reality, I hope that after reading this article, you will change your mind. Just think that sometimes the possibilities are just hidden under different masks. Therefore, some of them pass through the fault of our misunderstanding.

I encourage you to think about your dreams as you read this article. You may find another way to achieve them. In any case, life presents us with various surprises that we do not need to know about at the moment.

Now open your eyes and mind to understand what you are about to read.

Round ideas don’t match square minds

Round ideas don’t fit into “square minds” because there is only one way of thinking in the lives of people with “square minds.” And these are the people who tell you to stop dreaming. These are people who constantly say that you have to go the hard way to achieve your goal. This is because something that you desire and something that is tangible are distant concepts.

Do you think the dream of flying is a utopian idea? This is true if you are completely sure of it. This is true if you are just waiting for your wings to grow on your back and allow you to soar into the sky.

But if you don’t listen to these “square minds” and decide to fight for your dreams, you can prove how wrong they are.

People have long dreamed of flying because they saw birds. Many of them gave up on this dream when they realized that people could not expand their wings. But someone did not give up on this dream.

And in fact, he managed to fly into the air. That someone was Leonardo da Vinci, who decided to test his aspirations as far as possible and built a pair of wings that allowed him to take off.

Now this example may seem simple, but at one time it was considered crazy. The same is true for those who wanted to walk on water, and he made this possible by building the first boat.

History has proven many times that projects that “square minds” consider crazy, not only became a reality, but also changed the world, just like the examples given.

In all cases, the authors had to deal with conformity, which was attacked and sometimes even tortured by others.

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