Drink or Get Sick


Winter is coming, the season of dank wind, when you want warmth and comfort. What could be more comfortable than a glass of warming mulled wine? A warm aromatic wine with spices begins to appear in the menu of restaurants, and at city fairs, and in the thoughts of wine lovers!

Mulled wine warms, helps with hypothermia, a cold, a cough, runny nose, with physical and nervous exhaustion, as well as depression and insomnia. For frozen and nearly cold mugs of hot mulled wine will be a great way not to get sick. Do not forget the taste and aroma – a good mulled wine will clearly add bright colors and a good mood when everything is gray and boring on the street. In the words of Voltaire, “The sweetness and fortress of mulled wine revive a person. Wine activates all cerebral gyri and lights up at heart magical fireworks sparkling wit and joy.”

There are a huge number of recipes for hot wine, and you can fantasize endlessly by adding all kinds of spices, fruits or nuts. Only it’s better to follow a few simple rules: after all, the ingredients change, and the technology for creating the perfect mulled wine remains unchanged.

So, there are 7 tips for making perfect mulled wine:

  1. No boiling!

Mulled wine, like good coffee, should never be boiled. The recommended temperature is around 70 °. So mulled wine will be both ardent and ardent at the same time.

  1. Proper utensils

It is better to heat the wine not in metal utensils so that the characteristic taste of the metal is not transmitted to mulled wine.

  1. Ah, these spices!

The spices you use should not be ground. Ground spices dissolve and mulled wine becomes cloudy.

  1. Wine, der Wein, le vin…

Wine must be taken in quality. Never cook on the wine that you would not like to drink. Only dry wine is suitable for mulled wine. If you want to get sweet mulled wine – better just add sugar to it.

  1. Separate cooking

It is better to heat the wine in one bowl and cook spices and fruits separately. In order for the taste of mulled wine to be saturated, the fruits and spices should be poured with a small amount of juice, heated and let it brew for half an hour to an hour so that all the ingredients can better enrich the broth with their aroma. Then it is carefully filtered and mixed with wine.

  1. It’s not enough to cook mulled wine correctly; you need to properly file

Mulled wine should be drunk hotly, pouring it into tall glasses – so it cools down more slowly. Yes, and you need to drink it slowly, breathing in the hot etheric fumes, because one of the main effects of mulled wine is inhalation.

  1. Do not be afraid to experiment.

What happens if you add nutmeg instead of cinnamon? Do not check – do not know. No need to be afraid to change the recipe and add something new. Who knows, maybe this is how you create the recipe for your perfect mulled wine.

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