E-learning, Сat and Robots. One day in the life of student

(live-in feature story)

The pandemic once again locked students in their burrows. There are no more amped companies at bus stops, sleepy students in the subway or long queues in the campus canteen. How do students live and do they live at all? Can online learning replace offline, and why do students hate turning on cameras? One student agreed to tell us the details of her day. So what does a typical student day look like?

This is Tina, and she is a first-year student at one of the Kyiv universities (we do not open the name of the university for the sake of Tina’s cat). Tina is a bit nerdy, a bit couch potato, and her future profession is a software developer. Her day starts at 08:20, and the first lesson starts at 8:30. In 10 minutes Tina has time to comb her hair, stroke the cat and make the bed. During the first lesson – the script programming… she learns it in pajamas. Tina doesn’t feel jittery about clothes on remote pairs. However, there are 5 pairs today, and because of this fact she is on pins and needles. “Oh, it’s a perfect storm! I’m really feel as meatwear, learning all day programming, math and codes. Ok, I can do it, bite the bullet,” Tina complains.

It is very convenient to eat on remote pairs, but if you have a video camera turned off. However, it may be that the teacher will ask questions to student, and the student has a mouth full of pizza…So eating during a lesson looks like skating on thin ice. But, let’s get this out in the open; Tina prefers her mother’s borscht to HTML.

I love e-learning and want to work remotely. It’s very cool to create software with a cat,” Tina claims. The girl enjoys learning programming, she already knows how to compose simple codes and dreams about gainful future. The university teaches internal secrets of tech’s new four horsemen, and how to manage the future with robots and nanotechnology. Unfortunately, the university does not teach how to manage a bellicose cat…

The last lesson is finally over; it’s time to call it a day. Now students can take off their pajamas and blow off steam, but it’s already evening! And for tomorrow they still need to make a mountain of homework… Willy-nilly, Tina stops beating about the bush, and begins to machine the web page… Meow! Hiss! Ouch! This fat and cheeky cat wants to eat again!

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