“Eat. Pray. Love.”by Elizabeth Gilbert

(book review)

5 stars. We are often faced with troubles and problems. From time to time, it seems that we can not find a solution. The problem is not that most people are dissatisfied with their lives. The problem is that they do nothing to change them.

But Elizabeth Gilbert proves to her readers that there is always a way out of any situation. No need to be afraid to change jobs, city. No need to be afraid of the unknown. After all why to live the lives, in which every day as punishment? Why face the dawn with someone you don’t love? Life is fleeting, it is the only one and there is no need to forget it!

Although the book is aimed at middle-aged women, I believe that it is worth reading regardless of age. I love books that have more than just a story. I love those which can inspire…to look beyond the horizons…to feel something slightly sensible…

That’s why I chose this book. Frankly speaking, it just turned my life upside down. I realized how important it was to believe and be grateful for everything we have! Because faith is what keeps us afloat in this mad whirl of life. In order to make it easier to perceive all the trouble, you need to remember a simple truth, “In the world, there is no such problem that cannot be solved with a hot bath, a glass of whiskey and reading the Psalms.”

And of course, like any book, it is not everyone will like, because we are all different. I definitely recommend reading the book ” Eat. Pray. Love” to people who have lost the meaning of life, who do not know in what direction they should move on. This book will answer all their questions.

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