Eat, Pray, Love

(film review)

“If you clear out all of that space in your mind you would have a door way.”

Just take and abruptly start living? Just decide to divorce to be happy? Leave everything for the sake of finding yourself and your own happiness? Yeap. And this desperate decision was made by the main character — Elizabeth Gilbert.

Italy, India, Bali — the pleasure of food, the power of prayer and love. Is it worth the risk of losing your husband, spending almost all your money, losing your career? Elizabeth subconsciously answers this question throughout her journey to happiness…

Let’s go through the plot and ideas briefly!

or a long time she can’t leave the thought that she is unhappy in her marriage. The woman decides to divorce her husband, though he is against and there are some slight difficulties. That’s quite obvious.

Still, she succeeds. She informs her friend that she is going to Italy, visit the ashram of guru Devi Dawindi and finish the year in Bali. Elithabeth meets new friends, diligently studies spoken Italian and shares her stories and knowledge with them in response. She enjoys food, agrees to get fat, if that happens, shows that to her friend. In the friends’ family, Liz faces the problem of gender inequality, but still a few people understand her desire for a free life and self-knowledge without a husband.

Still, she comes to India, the ashram of Guru Devi Dawindi. There she finds a new friend because of an argument. It is here that he learns to uselessly help others, supports a young girl who is forced to marry «under a contract» and practices complete silence. Her ex-husband comes to her hoping to return everything… But Liz has already understood her feelings and makes a conscious choice.

In Bali, Elizabeth comes to her mentor. She reminds Katut of the promise he made to her at the beginning of her journey: Elizabeth teaches him English, and Katut teaches her everything he knows. He wants her to carry out assignments and meditate with the whole body. At a local party, she meets a man who has hardly moved. Their relationship is rapidly gaining momentum.

Deeply buried fears awake in the soul of Elizabeth. She is afraid of dissolving in the relationship again and losing everything she has gained during this period of self-knowledge. The end is unpredictable and really triggered me. You should really watch it!

The film director, cameramen and cast are the true team of masters! The whole video picture of the movie is incredible and makes you be glued to the screen. A lot of landscapes, breathtaking views of the countries and a high quality picture. Actually, it’s kinda crucial for me to watch something in HD, that makes pleasure to my eyes!

My rating is 10/10.

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