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Lake District is not just a national park. Time stops here and you are left alone with nature. Amazing landscapes, all kinds of activities and historical significance of this place. That was the favourite place for Sir. Walter Scott, who once confessed, “I climbed the dark brow of the mighty Helvellyn, Lakes and mountains beneath me gleamed misty, and wide…”

The landscapes of the Lake District are just created to serve as a setting for filming movies – it is one of the reasons why so many travelers come here. More than two hundred hills and mountains, including the highest point in England, Skofel Pike, rise above the national park. Rising to a height of 3210 pounds (1456) or contemplating the local beauties firmly standing on the ground – the choice is yours because you can appreciate the magnificence of Lake District from any angle.

Every traveler who comes to Lake District dreams of seeing the reflection of the mountains in the lake and scooping see-through water out of it with his or her hands. Crystalline ponds are spread throughout the whole territory, and some of them occupy quite large picturesque patches. For example, the largest lake in England, Windermere, covers the area of 14.8 square kilometers. Take a walk along the splendid shores of local lakes or swim in them – clean water and the absence of touristic crowds will definitely please you.

Authentic British villages and small towns in the county of Cumbria, located near the Lake District or on its territory, are worth your attention no less than the beauty of the national park itself. Among such places is the city of Ambleside, which will delight you with ancient architecture, cozy atmospheric hotels and hilarious pubs.

In the Lake District, music fans organize music festivals where you can enjoy good sound and dance to your favorite tracks. And all this is right in the open. A whole month from the end of July to the end of August in the town of Kendall, the Kendal Calling festival will boom, and the Lake District Summer Music International Festival will take place throughout the Lake District from July 30 to August 12.

The Lake District is the habitat of many wild animals. Traveling through the national park, you can meet many animals like deer, rabbits, and foxes.

So, if you belong to the team of eco-eagles, don`t waste your time, Lake District is ready to reveal its great panoramas to you.

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