Education for children with special educational needs

Every year in early September, all children and adolescents go to school. There they learn new things, the world and communicate with their peers. All of this plays a significant role in the formation of their worldview and future behavior in society. And have you seen many children with disabilities in a regular school? The school where I studied didn’t have such children. Why? The answer is very simple; there are no conditions for inclusive education in an ordinary school. Not to mention educational programs and plans that are not adapted for children with special educational needs. This type of education is quite specific. As Sarah Palin said, “Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge, and children with special needs inspire a very, very special love.

In Ukraine, the number of children with special educational needs is about 200,000; each of them has the right to study in a General educational institution at the same level as others. However, every parent of such a child faces a problem of not adapted premises of educational institutions. The three-story school has no ramps on the stairs between the floors. Do all teachers know sign language? How many Braille textbooks have you seen on the desks of ordinary schools? The answers to these questions are very sad.

Inclusive education is a system of educational services based on the principle of the fundamental right of children to study in the community, which provides for education in a General educational institution. Inclusive education is a process in which the school tries to respond to the needs of all students by making the necessary changes to the curriculum and resources to ensure equality of opportunity.

In today’s world, not every school can afford the introduction of inclusive education, because first of all, it requires a lot of money and a significant change in all curricula and programs. Now, in Kyiv, there are only about forty schools that have the opportunity of inclusive education, and there are about 500 General educational institutions.

In 2017\2018, the number of inclusive classes increased by 67%. Every year more and more schools with the possibility of inclusive education are opened and re-equipped, which cannot please us.

The situation in higher education is relatively better. As an example, I will give Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. At the entrance to the University, there are special ramps, there are two large elevators that can accommodate a wheelchair.

The extent of inclusive education in schools and higher education is increasing with every passing year. However, this happens only in large cities of Ukraine, these innovations have not yet reached small towns and villages. But I hope that in the nearest future, every child will be able to attend school, get an education and communicate with their peers exactly where he was born or lives. After all, every child deserves it, and we, in turn, must do everything for this. Indifference leads to enmity, enmity leads to evil, evil leads to crimes. Let`s remember about it and join our efforts to remind the authorities of all Ukrainian schools and Universities about the necessity of special ramps, equipment and elevators installation.

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