Eight Great Tips to Boost Your Reading Skills


If the world tumbles down on you, enjoy long romantic strolls through the nearest book shelves…”
(Unknown author)

  1. Divide and Conquer

Our brains are designed this way to be afraid of large-scale tasks. Fool him with mini targets. For example, don’t think that you need to read 50 books a year, but decide that you only need to read 20 pages a day. Reading 6 days a week at this rate, you will get 520 pages per month.

  1. Start right in the morning

Many of us are used to reading exclusively before bed. But in the morning our brains work better than at night, so instead of one social media check after midnight, devote the free time to reading during your morning coffee.

  1. Always take a book with you

During the day, we often have periods of waiting. For example, we go on public transport, sit in lines or something. All this time you can spend on a book, if you have it with you. It is not necessary to carry a hardcover paper copy with you; you can use an electronic format or audio version.

  1. Read short books

The obvious way for the tricky ones is that if all the books are thinner, you will read more of them in the same time. Like poetry collections, stories and short non-fiction.

  1. Always have a few more fascinating books in stock

Keeping them in mind will make you look forward to seeing them, and this will help you not to get stuck on the book you are reading right now.

  1. Don’t be afraid to quit reading if you don’t like the book

You have your own book tastes and self-abuse can only provoke further rejection.

  1. Read more captivating books

Smart publications for the development of intelligence are, of course, great, but reading sometimes should also be enjoyable and give us a rest.

  1. Have a ‘book challenge day’ once a week

Find an extra hour or two for reading in your schedule, because there is always time for books, there would be a desire.

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