Emotional Intelligence Is Important for Our Flames, Friends and Folks

In the 21-century people start to ignore the power of emotions and emphasize the value and importance of the pure rational too much. Intelligence costs nothing when emotions hold sway. Feelings worked fine for the benefit of the last 50,000 human generations. Though, the evolution has shaped our emotions for over a million years, now we too often confront postmodern dilemmas connected with an emotional repertoire.  High IQ and low IQ homosapiens forget rather often that the emotional part of the mind is stronger and more effective — danger and death, love and divorce, we deal with all of these things thanks to our sentiments.

What is the actual role of emotion existing?

Emotions = actions. Evolution is a very smart thing, it created diverse emotions and because of that gave people a chance to live and survive. The emotional repertoire by their distinctive biological signatures prepares the human body for a response that is crucial for existing:

  • anger – a pulse of energy strong enough for vigorous actio;.
  • fear – put the body on general alert, making it edgy and ready for action;
  • happiness – makes the body recover more quickly from the biological arousal of upsetting emotions;
  • love – a general state of passion and intimacy, calm and commitment;
  • sadness – adjust to a significant loss.

In the present-day life, we combine two different kinds of minds: the rational placed in the left hemisphere and the emotional put in the right hemisphere together with visual one. That’s very important for our daily life in the modern world. We cant use only one part, because it will be a disaster. There is no way to use only emotions because in that case, we will be very dangerous to each other, especially when stress and anxiety are our everyday partners. But we cant use only the rational part too because in that situation we will be very mentally and physically sick, will have emotional/rational dichotomy, and will not be able to feel the peole and to deal with life predicaments. The correct answer lies in balance, this is the only way to win this biological game. In some situations, you have to ban your emotions and think logically and in other ones, especially, while dealing with your sweethearts, friends and relatives, you have to stop thinking and hear your emotional impulses.

Another example of a critical combination of minds is the evolution background. The “limbic” system (learning and memory) added emotions proper to the brain’s repertoire and intrinsically embodied them with each other, creating a connection with the thinking and feeling parts (now we can recognize, compare and remind) called “Neocortex” (which allows us to have feelings about ideas) responsible for cognition, emotions and sensory perception. The sheer mass of the neocortex increases the geometric rise in the interconnections in brain circuitry and the complexity of the emotional life. The more complex the social system, the more essential is such flexibility—and there is no more complex social world than our own.

Consequently, now we can see how important the emotional part of our life is and that it`s stronger than the rational one. But what is the most considerable, how are these two hemispheric minds (the right – emotional and visual; the left – logical) are connected and stay together, in balance, and how our population need to stay flexible and versatile in daily life, in order not to be dangerous to society while using just only one hemisphere. Besides, you should not forget that in your relations with your folks, sweethearts, and friends, your emotional intelligence can play more important role than your logical IQ.

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