Enter the Flat Earth Society. And you will never die!

(humorous short story)

I have met a guy recently who honestly believes that he will never die. He sincerely supposes that doctors are “a part of the system.”

They just lie open-heartedly to you for profit and personal gain. Maybe, he stuffed himself with the funny stories like this one, “Police have detained a freak for selling lozenges that pledge the eternal life. Records prove that this freak has been arrested for the fifth time. His prior imprisonments were in 1776, 1812, 1861, 1941 and 2012.”

He trust Eastern medicine with all their mudras and acupuncture. However, I always remind him, “Don`t go to acupuncturists. All of them are masochistic stabbers.”

What`s more important he thinks that our Earth is flat…He plans to enter the Flat Earth Society…

If you’re interested in knowing his secret of eternal life, it’s 6 raw eggs a day and a mushroom diet. You may think it’s a really “flat” joke, but people like this are around us… Darwin would be pissed off so hard, that his frustration would power the entire planet.

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