Everything Can Be Different

(Celebrate diversity every day!)

There are different types of teas: black, green, and white…
(we know much more).
Apples are different: green, yellow, and red.
Girls are different: black, white, and red.
The hugs can be different…

Like a sweater: these hugs give warmth and a bit of comfort. They are associated with café. Not with the house, there are other hugs. With cafes. A cozy table in a cafe. Where there are cups of scalding hot tea on the table and you let them cool down. Burning each other with a look, a touch. The tea will get cold, and the couple will come out and go. Leaving warm footprints on the asphalt.

Like a loved one’s jacket: it warms both of them. After all, it is nice for a man to warm a girl, but the cold could chain him at that moment. He would warm her with a smile. His warmth. These hugs are associated with a night walk. In the light of lanterns, any city opens its soul for them. For lovers.

There is the “jacket” hug: it is a determined hug. An embrace in which one transfers strength to another. The jacket is conditional. Creating a force attribute. It is structured and keeps its shape. This is the creation of a protective shell around the dear person. This is how parents hug their children on the doorstep in the morning, seeing them off on a busy day. Give forces. This is how they hug guys when they send them off to the army. This is how they embrace those who can need to be protected.

Like a blanket: it is home comfort. Heat. Comfort. This is the expectation of a meeting, the return of a loved one. This is enveloping a loved one with yourself. It’s tickling and laughing. Spilled tea and search for a fallen chocolate bar. This is the place. Secret place.

Like a fairy tale: these hugs are always gentle. Always hot and magic. They are quiet. And there is no interior around them. They are all around them. And all…maybe, except those trolls, sprites, and fairies sitting at the head of the bed.

Like the wind: this is the quick embrace at a meeting. They can be cold, hot, pleasantly warm, and scalding icy. Who knows who you’ll meet around the corner. There is also a draft.

And there is the embrace of the wave: it is a long parting, soul missing, and soaring to each other on the foamy crest of passion and love. When you accelerate with each step, each push, and every soul fiber to hug each other.

Hugs are different. Like tea and apples, girls and boys. And all. Everything has no uniform form. Everything is changing, transforming, supplementing each other.

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