Evil Mug

(ironic story)

This story happened a few years ago.

My sister Kate is a huge tea-lover. Once Kate`s best friend gifted her an enormous mug. Kate was on cloud nine. She worshiped that mug. She drank everything only from that mug. She told us not to touch it or there would be consequences. We lived in fear of touching that mug for a long time until that ‘big’ day.

It was a beautiful morning. All our family gathered together to have breakfast. Kate and her mug were there too. We were eating pancakes when my sister went to the kitchen for another dose of tea. Suddenly we heard a loud sound as if something fell and after that a loud cry. Our family ran to the kitchen and saw this: my sister sitting in the sea of spilled tea and broken glass…She was crying desperately… Her precious mug was broken… How did that happen? You ask. Kate wanted her tea so badly that she stumbled over a broom on her way to the kettle. By the way, the broom was left there by Kate.

I felt sorry for my sister but since that moment we started to live in peace again.

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