Exercise or run?


When I have a choice, I personally choose running. Running for me is freedom, training and a challenge to myself, how far I can run today.

Exercises are very exhausting for me, although I understand that they are necessary, but for me it is better to run an extra mile than to squat.

My family appreciates running, my father and brother go jogging whenever the weather allows. It attracts me too; the freedom that I get while running inspires me a lot. So I’m still choosing to run.

Usually, the best time for me is to run during the day, when the street is sunny and full of cheery light. Closer to the evening I feel sleepy though I should finish my housework which is habitually up to ears.

So, during the daytime, I pick up the headphones, turn on the music and just run until I realize that the goal has been achieved today.

Some people, on the other hand, prefer to work out and exercise a lot. Maybe they get more tired and spend more energy, but feel satisfied.

Basically, it does not matter what you choose, the main thing is that you get pleasure from the effort and the result.

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