The eyes are the mirror of the soul. But do you often pay attention to the color of your interlocutor’s eyes? Eye color depends on the amount of melanin pigment in the iris. The more pigment, the darker the eyes are. So what is the most common eye color on the planet?

  1. Brown eyes

The most popular eye color is brown. People with brown eyes are found all over the planet.

  1. Blue eyes

The second most popular blue eyes in the world. Surprisingly, children are usually born with blue eyes, and as they grow up the color changes: to gray or blue. Adults with blue eyes look like loners. They are quite rare. By the way, scientists have found out that people with high IQ have blue eyes.

  1. Black eyes

Black eyes are even rarer in the world. The famous actress Elizabeth Taylor was born with black eyes. Her parents were very frightened by this fact, and they took her to a doctor. It turned out that this was just a unique mutation, and the girl’s health was not threatened.

  1. Green eyes

The “World’s Rarest Eye Color” award is won by green eyes. Only 2% of the population has “witch eyes.” Surprisingly, green-eyed women are much more common than green-eyed men. Eye color is your specialty, like fingerprints. But remember, you are unique in your own right, regardless of hair color, eye color, etc. There is no another person like you on the Earth!

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