Fable about Necromancer and Bounty Hunter

(humorous story)

Once, after exhausting adventures, Necromancer and Bounty Hunter met in the tavern. Both had only few cheap artifacts, so they didn’t want to go to the town and sell them for a low price. So, they decided to play dice on them. Each winning game meant the one artifact obtained.

However, luck turned ass to Necromancer. He lost not only the artifacts, but also all his things and even the ritual dagger, which his mother gave him on his 100th birthday. But Necromancer was stubborn undead, thus he didn’t give in.

This skeleton made his last bet, his own skull. He said that it was a source of ancient and forgotten knowledge, more expensive than all their artifacts combined. If Bounty Hunter wins, he’ll take all the artifacts to himself, sell the Necromancer’s skull and get his own estate completely filled with ale barrels. However, if he loses, he’ll return all the previously won Necromancer’s things without the right to win back.

Bounty Hunter burned with desire and bet on even number. Necromancer, despite such high rates, calmly separated his skull from the body and put it on the table. Bounty Hunter shook a bamboo cup… Dices fell on the table… Four and two… Even number… Oh, Hell! It was a total fiasco for Necromancer!

Bounty Hunter was so happy that he jumped up from the table and accidentally turned it over.

Depressed Necromancer looked to the right, but suddenly shouted loudly: “Caution! The royal guardians!”

“What?! Where?!” — nervous Bounty Hunter drew his bastard sword from its scabbard and turned around.

Necromancer used the moment and his body grabbed the skull and a bag with all the artifacts.

Bounty Hunter turned back and saw only how Necromancer was already dissolving in the air… with the skull, artifacts, estates and barrels of ale.

Deceived Bounty Hunter shouted so fiercely that even the tavern ceiling trembled.

Moral. Do not play dice with necromancers.

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