‘Fahrenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury

(book review)

4.5 stars. The first thing that surprised me that there were just 252 pages. I immediately thought – why so few? Reading the annotation, I counted at least 500-600 pages. The topic is interesting to write about: the development of a post-industrial society, prosecution for keeping books, merciless reprisals against paper books, and sometimes with their owners. In general, horror. How not to read it. Just want to note the book is read quickly, written in a completely ordinary, normal language. Although I thought that with this book everything will be difficult. But no, everything worked out.

As for the content of the book itself, I lacked details, lacked even greater immersion in this horrifying picture of the future, as such I had not imagined. And it was a short trip. Only it seemed like the beginning was, here bam already and the final credits. In fact, this is the author’s monologue, his reasoning about how he sees the future. Therefore, the heroes were not revealed. The situations were staged – just to be, the author’s continuous reasoning would tire. So the dialogues of the heroes appeared seldom, so that the reader would not get bored.

Reading a lot, I still had gaps and questions. But I had to be content with what was written, no matter how little it was. If you evaluate the book simply as the author’s reasoning about how he sees the future, it was interesting to read.

No, no, books won’t give you everything you want at once. Look for it yourself wherever you can – in old gramophone records, in old movies, in old friends. Look for it in the nature around you, in yourself. Books are just one of the containers where we store what we are afraid to forget. There is no secret in them, no magic. The magic is only in what they say, in the way they sew the pieces of the universe together.”

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