Failures Are Followed By Luck


If you suffer for a long time, something will work out,”
Alexander Zatsepin

I have loved fishing since childhood. As a child, my grandfather and I went fishing early in the morning, so this habit remained and became a hobby. So one summer day, my friend and I decided to ride our bikes to the river. I took with me two spin fishing rods and a backpack with baits for predatory fish. It was a strange place for me, so I wanted to catch it.

Arriving, we started fishing and immediately were more and more out of the plan. My friend rarely fishes, so he doesn’t have enough experience in this business. And so he got entangled in the grass. I tried to save the situation, but it didn’t work. So we lost the first bait. I was not angry with him, because he was a newcomer. After that, literally a few minutes later, I lost the bait. It happened by accident, maybe the cord was damaged or I fixed it badly, but it happened.

After five minutes, everything was fine, and it was possible to continue, but it did not happen as expected. My friend started swimming. I was getting nervous, because I came to go fishing, and I spend more time on troubleshooting than on the fishing process itself. Untangled. Then after a while he became confused again, but this time seriously. I was no longer in myself, no pleasure from the process and the fish was not active. I drove with this problem for 40 minutes. This was the same case when the cord hit the spool and it was chewed.

Frankly, I felt guilty in this situation, because I knew that the spin fishing rod I gave would be more difficult to catch fish, but I thought that everything would be fine. After all the attempts to fix something, I just decided to fold it and continue fishing with one rod in a row. However, to be honest, there was no desire to continue, because of the 2 hours of fishing, I spent about an hour more than untangling the rods and changing the baits. But still we decided to change the place and catch a little more and not in vain. After a few attempts, I picked up a good bait and caught zander. This was my first fish that I caught this way, and it was good luck, because most people had a perch, and here it was so handsome. It was not large. Somewhere around 200-300 grams. I was very happy with this catch. In order to remember this moment, I asked a friend to take a picture of me with this fish (this photo is posted at the beginning of the blog.). I rarely take fish to eat, and I knew it was a small specimen, so I released it right after the photo shoot.

P.S. A 50-year-old man was passing by while I was releasing the fish. He asked why I was releasing the fish and offered to give it to him, but I let it go. It is very sad to see a picture when people take a small fish home, and then everyone tells how bad everything is and my favorite phrase: “There used to be a fish!”

This story has taught me that the person who does not give up and gets up every time he falls always gets the result, and also because even after many failures and challenges, you are rewarded for your patience and willpower.

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