Fairy Sea

Once upon a time, there was a kind and small fairy. She was named Sea. And she had never ever seen the sea. Her parents thought it would be really romantic – to name a daughter by some miracle, they had never watched. This original choice was the one that instantly decided all her life. Undoubtedly, her biggest dream was to see the sea. 

She grew up in a tiny forest near a large village. Her parents did tell her for twenty times about huge woods and small villages. However, the human population grew up with every passing year; so even their own house would be destroyed someday.

But she didn’t listen to them. Her mother told her that humans were horrible; her father convinced her that they were disgusting. But she never thought in that way. She was obsessed with the idea of having a human friend. Who knows, maybe one day they would show her the sparkling sea?

She grew up day by day and never stopped dreaming. So one day she got out of the forest and came to one human house. Sea saw a nice woman who sang cheery songs… About the sea… The fairy understood that these songs were not about her but about the real sea and she listened to them with a beating heart. And then she came back to see the singing woman. One day after another. The day when she didn’t find a woman in the house was when she already knew all of them by heart. At the present time, she experiences what the sea was. And her further step was to go to discover it.

December  12,  2020

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