Fancy Facts About Cats


Did you know that ‘friendly’ cats follow you from a room to a room to control your actions? Cats are pets that are adored all over the world. These are some of my favorite animals, so I decided to write an article with fascinating facts about cats. Let’s get started!

  1. The more you talk to cats – the more they talk to you.
  2. The pattern of the surface of the nose of cats is unique, as is the fingerprint of a human.
  3. Cats wag their tails when faced with a choice, with one desire blocking another. For example, if a cat is standing in the doorway and wants to go out, and it is raining outside, the tail will wobble due to internal conflict. The cat wants to go out, but does not want to get wet. As soon as he or she decides (to stay home or go out in the rain), the tail will immediately stop swaying.
  4. The toilet should be kept in a separate place so that the cat is not ashamed and away from the bowl with food, because cats do not like to get dirt near the place where they eat.
  5. Cats do not have sweat glands all over their bodies, like humans. They sweat only through the paws.
  6. Cats are so sensitive to vibration that they can feel the earthquake 15 minutes earlier than humans.
  7. It is scientifically proven that cats can save from a bad mood. They ‘treat’ people with their purring, warmth, and a special magnetic field. It even has a separate name – feline therapy.
  8. Cats-girls are usually right-handed, and cats-boys – left-handed.
  9. If a cat has brought you its prey, such as a mouse, then it takes care of you and wants to feed you. Here it is important not to scold the cat for the ‘gift,’ but to praise.
  10. Cats can change their meowing at various requests, addressing the person.

You see, cats are amazing animals! I’m sure you love them even more now.

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