Fancy Fille Fatale

(Criminal story)

One day my friend and I were at the railway station and waited for the train to go on holiday for a few days. The weather was so scorchingly warm, the sun shone so brightly that I wanted to do just only one thing – to put off my sweater. I put my purse with all my documents, tickets and money on a bench and started changing my сlothes.

My sweater had a very small cutout, and I hesitated a little, taking it off through the head. When I put off my sweater, I didn’t see my purse on the bench but noticed one fleeing figure looking like an up to snuff urchin. Perhaps my friend was distracted by a noise, and my purse just passed away. I was shocked. I burst out crying and screaming while my friend kept his upper lip stiff and dashed after the fleeing waif. The most catching moment happened later. 

When the teenager was caught and brought to us, I saw that my purse was held by a gorgeous girl in a trendy tracksuit and a red baseball cap. It was so stupefying that the prompt purse-snatcher looked like a fancy fille fatale. O tempora, o mores!

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