Farm Adventure

(ironic story)

An old officer from the department of monitoring illegal planting near the territory of landscape importance came to a farm of a scandalous rich rancho man and demanded to show him all the fields for compiling an annual report.

The farmer answers, “OK, however, just don’t move to that area, it could be breakneck to you!”

The officer got enraged, “Man, the power of the Federal Government is with me! —and proudly pulls the County Sheriff’s badge out of his pocket — Do you see that badge? It means that I can go wherever I want. On any land! No questions or reports! I think I make myself clear, you, redhead ?!”

“Okay, excuse me, sir. You have undeniable right to go where you need to go. I just hope I warned you beforehand,” the farmer agrees and goes to drive the flock of Merino sheep into the barn.

Five minutes later, the farmer sees that the officer is running away from a huge angry bull, and the bull was extremely close to overtake him. The farmer threw down his tools, ran to the fence and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Your badge! Show him your bloody badge!”

The owner saw that Mister Old-Local-Authority was already barely able to stand, so he decided to have mercy. He went up to a haystack, took a piece and beckoned the animal to him. The bull saw the delicacy, turned around and became prettier than the baby.

When this death race was over, a happy farmer walked up to the sheriff with a glass of cold water and said, “I hope you enjoyed our small farm. Welcome!”

The annoyed sheriff blushed and coldly replied, “You’d better come to us,” and hurriedly left.

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