Fateful Conversation

(Short story)

We make our own fortunes and we call them fate”.

It was an unexpected event for me. I was invited to one private party where I was able to meet many professional people. Meeting them was my dream that came true. But I will never forget one little conversation.

My interlocutor was Nicole, a gracious girly girl, who soon became my business partner, but if I had known then how our conversation ended, I would have approached her first of all!

“Good evening! Great party, isn’t it?”

“Good evening. I completely agree with you. Looks like a great one! Glad to meet you. My name is Diana. What is your name?”

“Nicole. Nice to meet you too. Don’t you think that today’s wine completely suits the host of today’s party?

“Oh, yes! You are right, the wine very clearly sets off its character. Have you ever been in a vine garden?”

“Yes, I had. During my recent vacation in Italy, I visited a vineyard and was amazed at how much effort this fruit takes to be truly delicious.”

“Surprisingly, I read many books on the topic of winemaking, but they never talked about how difficult it was to grow grapes. In such books, they often talk about the taste of wine and the technology of its preparation. As for details, they often slip away…”

“Everyone places accents in his or her own way.”

“And everyone focuses on these accents differently. Tastes differ, the same with opinions.”

Our conversation ended fast. It was simple, light and informative in its own way. After all, this story is not about it; we became business partners of one small but very promising winery in the south of Ukraine! There is nothing occasional in this world…

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