Fear in not Fear

(if you friend is there)

(Fairy tale)

It was a sunny-bunny day and everything was just like always. Nothing boded trouble – the sun is shining, birds are singing and rivers are flowing. In the tiny-miny house deeply inside a wide wood, a girl named Dee was doing her things. And suddenly in an instant it started to rain outside the window. Dee was a brave girl but the only thing she was truly afraid to be rain. Not the summer one but the cloudburst with thunder, with a storm and strong hail. And there it was – huge fatality. Dee stopped cooking pancakes, sat on the floor and started crying.

“No,” she said through tears. “How did it happen? Why am I the only one here? I am afraid of being alone while it’s raining outside!” But nobody answered her. Because no one was there.

The room was dark, and everything inside a house was shaking. Dee started crying loudly. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Who can it be? No one lives in this forest except me!” A few minutes Dee couldn’t make herself stand up and open a door – she was afraid that a storm can ruin her tiny-finy house. Someone knocked again.

“I’m a brave girl!” she said finally. “I need to look who’s here!”

Dee opened the door and got shocked. She almost couldn’t believe her eyes! It was a boy! Being lost and soaked through, the wet boy just did not know what to do.

“Oh no!! Hurry up! Come in!” said Dee. “What are you doing here?”

“Hi, I’m Chris and  I’m really sorry, I was jogging but suddenly it started to rain so I searched where to hide and I got lost. Can I stay here until the thunderstorm is gone?” asked a boy.

“Of course! I’ll give you some dry clothes so you won’t get a cold”

“You’re very nice to me- H-H-H…how is your name?” The boy trembled with the cold.

“Dee… I live here alone for three years. And only when the rain starts I realize how alone I am”

“Well, not this time! Are you afraid of the rain?”

“Uhm… actually, yes…”

“It’s okay! We all are afraid of something! Don’t worry, Dee, and be happy! To be honest, I’m a brave boy, though I am afraid of… snakes. Brrr…” Dee smiled.

“Snakes are cute!” the girl objected.

“Oh look – it stopped raining. You just needed to smile! Don’t cry anymore and the sun will start shining!”

“And what are you supposed to do to with your fear of snakes?!”

“I will help you not to be afraid of heavy thunderstorms with pitchfork showers, and you will teach me how to befriend with forest snakes, OK?”

“OK!”  Dee smiled cheerily.

“ If you have a friend, fear in not fear…”

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