Fear or Сonfidence?

I will tell you briefly about my first day at university. I went to this mysterious place for the third time in my life. Passing through the Dnieper, I thought about different things, both good and bad. But I adjusted myself for the better. The inner experience prevailed.

In one of my desires, I was convinced that I really wanted to be an elder.

We were introduced to the audience, various organizational issues began, and that was what I had been waiting for so long. They started talking about the person I really wanted to be…You will not believe, my hands shook when I heard the results. My dream had been realized, and the goal had been achieved.

I was very happy.

Of course, there is a lot of hassle and bustle, but I get a lot of pleasure from what I do and what people surround me. It’s really worth suffering sometimes for the sake of the result.

So do not be afraid, don`t lower your sights, but be confident in your desires.

And I still hold the position I so wanted:)

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