Female Intuition

(humorous story)

Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious. (Oscar Wilde)

All women know stories about how they had dreams with their future husbands a year before the meeting, or how someone had a little child who said in a dream, “Mom, I will come soon,” right before the woman gave birth to a girl. A wife sees in a dream her husband who is sunbathing on the golden beach and smiling cheerfully together with some long-legged beauty. She knows that a month ago he went somewhere to Poland or Spain to earn money, he works hard, and calls home just once a week. However, the female intuition mixed with jealousy does not permit her to sleep calm.

Once upon a time, I lost my money on a bus. I still remember that strange day, when a light bulb exploded in the room before my leaving the house, and when I saw a bus stop, an inner voice said to me, “Anastasya-sya-sya, that`s a bad omen. Do you really want to go there-ere-ere?” I ignored a strange feeling and this question too. It was a gaffe. Bottom line: when I went there, I lost $ 20. I was so upset that I was ready to bang my head against the wall, and at that moment I got an enlightenment, “My dear intuition in a form of my inner voice warned me just in time.”

That would be all right, and intuition really didn’t let me down, but when I got home I noticed an obvious thing – the pocket of my jacket where the money was lying was brutally torn, and my ‘Andrew Jackson’ (I mean 20 dollars.) simply fell out of my pocket. I got blushed and thought to myself, “What a sloppy slob I am!” Therefore, dear girls, sometimes just be attentive and don’t rely only on your intuition.

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