Female Office Etiquette

Compliance with etiquette in the office is an important nuance of the employment relationship, especially for young women. This helps to make friends with colleagues, not to get out of the work schedule and not be distracted by trifles.

1. The appearance of the workplace

Each company has its own rules. In one they adhere to a strict dress code, in the other they wear uniforms, and in the third they give employees complete freedom of choice.

But accuracy, style, and a sense of proportion should be present in everything – in clothes, shoes and even hairstyle. You always have to look presentable, classy, and at the same time democratic. Do not overdo it with bright colors, accessories, cosmetics and perfume. By the way, it is impossible to apply makeup, and even more so to paint nails in the workplace. If you are going on a date in the evening, then visit the ladies’ room and put yourself in order.

2. Greetings from colleagues

When entering the office, greet everyone who is in the workplace, even unpleasant hags, they could be dangerous. In the evening, say goodbye and wish your colleagues good luck. Do not forget about the welcome handshake and a sincere smile. When you meet in the corridor, depending on the degree of closeness of your relationship, you can hug a little, ask about your health and just ask about plans for the evening. It relates to manly men too. Sometimes it’s enough just to nod or smile.

3. A photo of the family on the desktop

Why not, it’s very cute and homely. It is worth decorating your own workplace with those things that you love, which create an atmosphere of comfort. It can be souvenirs from vacation, photographs with relatives and friends, favorite trinkets, but anything else. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.

4. About snacks in the office

It is all about corporate culture, the issue of loyalty. If this is the norm in your team, why not? Another thing is that there is still no stand at the desk; for this, kitchens exist in good companies. But to drink tea or coffee is quite possible and without interrupting work.

5. Talking on the mobile

Communicate on a cell phone in the workplace is only on business. Don`t turn into a chatterbox. Eager to discuss a new dress with a friend or discuss with the children a menu for the evening? Go for a walk to the nearest store or just go out into the corridor. But can calls be accompanied by the latest hit by Kelvin Harris or do you need to turn on vibration mode on your phone? It all depends on how it is customary in your team.

6. Is it possible to preen in the office?

Sitting and looking in the mirror instead of a working monitor is not worth it, you can’t also paint your lips, nails and other parts of the body, because you can do it at home. Surely, your boss is an exceptionJ. Or, if you have a date, go to the toilet, but do not shine with your happy face in front of unhappy colleagues.

7. Personal life and office

There is a saying: “A good person is not a profession.” Do not immediately rush to be friends with all colleagues and do your best to please and please everyone. You do not need to immediately dedicate everyone to your personal life, and even more so to share the intimate needs of family life.

It will not be very right to borrow from colleagues. If for some reason you need money, find out if you have any mutual assistance cash desks in the team, ask the management for money for your salary. The less money you borrow, the better the relationships with your office-mates.

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