Female Rules of Etiquette At Interviews

Those who are looking for a job know how important it is to get the desired job interview. After all, it is based on the results of the interview that a decision is made about your suitability for an open vacancy. Moreover, it is at the interview that employers evaluate not only your professional qualities, but also how well you manage, manage, work in a team, and whether you fit into the team.

The impression you make on the interview is very important, so you need to prepare for it seriously. And at the very least, you need to know the rules of etiquette. How to behave in an interview that dictates etiquette in such cases?

Take care of your appearance, because the first impression depends on it. You should be dressed properly: clothes should not be whimsical, noticeable, too bright. The best suit is a strict business suit, calm jewelry. Shoes and accessories should be in perfect clean condition and chosen according to your suit.

Do not forget about the hair, manicured nails, avoid strong odors of perfume, deodorant or eau de toilette. In all its forms, you must show the employer that you are a very successful and happy person, and the company will benefit from the fact that it acquires such an employee.

If you have to wait for some time after the appointed time, do not complain and do not show dissatisfaction. After the greeting, you should thank the interviewer for the time they have decided to give you.

You should pay attention to everything: yes, you should sit straight, do not make fussy movements with your hands. Watch your gestures, because the movements of the hands and body can let you down and show both the good and the bad.

The interlocutor during the conversation should look into his eyes, not look away. Listen carefully and answer briefly. Speak clearly and confidently so that you can understand and hear each word well. Don’t be afraid to pause and think before answering the question. Remember that facial expressions and intonations are very important in a conversation and can have a decisive influence on the impression you make.

It is not allowed to touch objects lying on the table or try to look into the unfolded papers. Don’t forget to turn off your mobile phone before the interview. Do not rush and do not be distracted.

At the end of the interview, in a short phrase, emphasize your desire to work in this company, but do not ask, do not emphasize your desire, making it clear that this job is almost your last chance. A sense of confidence and self-worth always makes the most favorable impression – remember this.

Eventually, you can shake hands and quietly leave the meeting room. Now you just have to wait for the results and if you feel that you have made some behavioral mistakes, try to take them into account next time.

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