‘Fight Club’ by Chuck Palaniuk

(Book review)

5 stars. My book review is related to the novel called “Fight Club.” The author is Chuck Palahniuk, a famous postmodernist writer; the book was released in 1996 in the United States by “W. W. Norton & Company”.

The plot of this work is very unusual, and at first glance, it’s even a little boring, as it seemed to me. The main character is a nameless storyteller suffering from insomnia. Following the advice of his doctor, he begins to attend support groups for patients with various diseases, as a result of which insomnia recedes. But after a while, this method ceases to work. In the process of further struggle with this, the protagonist meets a mysterious person and creates an underground fight club as a radical form of psychotherapy. Step by step I got plunged in the novel plot up to ears. It clung to me with the so realistically described scenes of mayhem and violence that I got insomnia as the hero of the book for several days too. The phrase, “I don`t want to die without scars,” chased me days and nights…

From the pros, I want to note that the plot is very addictive. Especially, my favorite part is the end of the middle of the book, when the main character begins to understand what is happening to him, and what flies are circling perkily in his head. You start reflecting upon some things that you have never thought before.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the excessive length of the story. That is the key shortcoming.

As for me, the film based on the book came out much more catching. Maybe it’s all because of the perfectly selected actors. The cast is really impressive. As a result, I want to say that I recommend reading this book since its disadvantages are very insignificant. Don`t be afraid of insomnia, remember that  life without blockbusters is not so full and saturated.

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