Finance My New Domestic Film ‘Under the Knives’!

Let`s make Ukrainian cinematography great again!”
(My personal motto)

Good night, everyone who reads this article! Today the topic of my presentation will be “Financing a new domestic film «Under the Knives.” Most of you know about the situation with original cinema in our country. Now there is a demand for historical, documentary films. Of course, for the Ukrainian cinema market these are very important topics that will remain so. However, as you can see, we now have not so many original ideas, if we are talking about cinema. And it’s not about comedies, but about serious thrillers, action films or dramas. I’m not even talking about the now popular genre of films – horror films.

In my project, I propose to develop the industry of independent original cinema. Annotation: “This picture presents a plot about the dark vastness of our great city KYIV! The evil troubles which the main characters encounter and overcome on a daily basis. Namely, he and his friends face numerous dark corners stuffed with dark people living in these corners.”

The genre of the film is planned to be a thriller with horror elements. If you have any questions, I ask you to voice them after my speech. Nowadays, especially in our country, viewers make a good box office for foreign horror films. In my opinion, if we show our reality in this genre, our everyday life, then this can attract a large number of viewers to the film and not only. It also gives us certain popularity as creators of original ‘reality-show’ film from Ukraine, and also opens the way for popular film festivals. Like in Cannes.

The budget program for the film can be called inexpensive but not cheap. Yeah! We know examples of shooting horror films in the West on a small budget. In this regard, even low fees of the film can recoup costs and make a profit. This way we minimize risks. All characters of this film will be the students of our University. How do you find this idea?

As you can see, this is a chance for us to start looking beyond our limited horizons and taking the first steps towards bringing Ukrainian cinema to a new level. In my opinion, we should use this opportunity together!

And now if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Let`s make Ukrainian cinematography great again!

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