Fitness Tips. Run@Sup ideas.

“Water soothes and heals. Air refreshes and revives. Earth grounds and holds. Fire is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power. Swallow their spells. There is a certain sweet comfort in knowing that you belong to them all.”
(Victoria Ericson)

May 8, 2020. In three days we expect the long-awaited mitigation of the quarantine measures. The health-nuts and sports buffs are about to inundate the forest areas, park zones, and river banks. What fitness approach is the best for this specific time? In my opinion, the guidelines from ‘Run/Sup’, the famous organization of runners and stand-up paddlers, are the most trendsetting for all fitness enthusiasts this season. What do they recommend?

Active breaks. Every 20-30 minutes you are to be engaged in warming up, stretching, doing small activities for your neck if you work at the computer, watch movies, and so on. Such short but intensive breaks will make a significant contribution to maintaining good health.

Go jogging or running.

No one is encouraged to resort to an ultra marathon, but 30-60 minutes of jogging or running in the fresh air of a green park zone or a dense woodland can be very beneficial for the immune, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Run alone.

In spite of everything, it is better to keep in mind that the quarantine goes on. An individual jogging can be combined with listening to an audiobook or podcast, or enjoying the sounds of birds for reflection.

Adjust the load intensity.

“Now is not the time to mock the body and put it under heavy load. It is better to run a short distance, but regularly, than to go for a long run once a week. Today it is important to maintain immunity, so it is better to refrain from intense training,” said one of the leaders of SupRun.

Do not touch your face with your hands while jogging.

You do not need a mask for jogging. On the contrary, it will make breathing difficult. When you return, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, and it is better to wash the clothes in which you ran. Also, avoid any physical contact with other people. Don’t give high five or shake hands.

Make a workout plan at home and set aside time for physical activity each day.

Gyms are now quarantined but you can take time at home or in forest to keep fit.

Squats, pull-ups and push-ups from the floor, various types of the bar and bridge, ropes and weighs strengthen your muscles.  The more calories you burn the better.

Use the materials at hand.

If you have your own exercise machines and treadmill at home, start exercising with them. Don`t wait for the faraway tomorrow. If not, be inventive and use any tools and equipment at hand to shape your body.

Stand-up paddling off-the-beaten tracks

Scenic lakes and Dnipro river waves are good for expanding your horizons, relaxing, and training your body.

Reduce the intensity.

Any load is a stress for the body, and if the level of such stress is increased, the body’s defense mechanisms weaken. Exercise should be moderate and balanced so as not to impair immunity.

So, don`t waste your time. Put on a T-shirt with a motto, “I AM INTO FITNESS!”

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