Five Best Books About Christmas

Start reading – create a festive mood!’

`Winter solstice’ by Rosamunde Pilcher

Five not too happy people by the will of circumstances find themselves in the same house in the north of Scotland. Rosamunde Pilcher talks about her characters with such warmth and kindness that readers start to believe that the coming Christmas will definitely bring wonderful changes to their lives. The new novel by the famous English writer is distinguished by lyricism, gentle humor and unexpected plot twists.

`Hercule Poirot’s Christmas by Agatha Christie

The 20th century. England. The criminal who committed an absurdly cruel, bloody, Americanized crime must be caught and punished for his actions doubly. Dura lex sed lex. Poirot successfully unravels this mysterious murder.

`A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

After first publication, this book became a sensation, influencing our Christmas traditions. This is a story-parable about the reborn of the curmudgeon and misanthropist Scrooge. In `A Christmas Carol’ author with the help of fantastic images of the Christmas Spirits shows his main character who has the only way to salvation – to do good things to people.

This little masterpiece by Dickens makes a strong impression on both the old and the young evoking unusually vivid childhood memories of the New Year and Christmas holidays.

`Christmas Eve’ by Mykola Gogol

Mykola Gogol is an outstanding Ukrainian writer who wrote in Russian and became a classic of Russian literature. In this youthful story there are still those echoes that connected the descendant of the Cossack colonel with his native land. In `Christmas Eve’, evil spirits can still easily fit in a Cossack pocket…

`The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

On Christmas Eve, a young married couple – Jim and Della Dillingham – discovered that they did not have enough money for holiday gifts to each other. Della decided to sell her luxurious brown curls and buy for her husband a platinum chain for his gold watch. In the evening Jim came home with a gift for his wife. Two lovely hearts opened their presents and found that Jim had sold his watch to buy the expensive set of combs that Della had long dreamed of. But this did not spoil the celebration of two loving hearts.

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