Five rules for business negotiations

Business negotiations are a very responsible occupation! Often the fate of not only one employee, but of an entire company depends on ten or twenty minutes of conversation.

The first rule is timeliness

It is necessary to approach the discussion of business issues on time. Dialogue with companies or employees should be approached several steps before a problem is formed. CEO`s are convinced that this method brings more benefits.

The second rule is planning

Business negotiations require clear planning. Every aspect, from the location of the meeting to its purpose, must be agreed upon by all participants. The best way is in writing.

Rule three – business etiquette

Although the behavior of the person responsible for organizing the discussion is not recorded, this aspect directly affects the result. This has to do with the so-called “social climate.” One of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs of all the human character traits necessary for a businessman, singled out perseverance. He said, “I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” It is also important for a businessman to remain emotionally stable. Business negotiations are not debates; they require calm, balanced decisions. And in general, well-balanced people often make a good impression on those around them.

Rule four – atmosphere

The place where the negotiations will take place can change the specifics of the conversation. An informal setting is conducive to a simple or frank conversation, a formal setting to a discreet and business conversation. Use the environment to your advantage.

Rule five – consolidate results

Business negotiations are considered to be successfully completed when both parties have achieved optimal conditions. Summing up, do not forget to secure them by signing the appropriate documents, because verbal agreements are not binding.

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